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Why Should You Upgrade To Smart Locks?

The Home Security future lies in finding equilibrium between efficiency and safety. Smart Locks are the next natural step in the ever evolving state of security, and they aim to make your duties as a homeowner a lot easier and safer.

We all dislike change, but if ever there was something that galvanizes us its our concern for our personal safety and the safety of our family. So heres some of the reasons why Smart Locks ion your property is a good idea.

Reduce The Possibility Of You Losing Your Keys.

With Smart Locks you reduce the chance of losing your keys. Most models can be operated using an app on your smartphone or by biometric sensors. It almost impossible to loose yrour keys because there are no keys to loose. Your smartphone, your fingerprint or ever your eye is the key to your property!

Allows You To Keep Track Of Who Is In Your Home

With smart Locks you can monitor who is coming and going from your property or even your office. You give out digital keys to those who need them and you can monitor their comings and goings in real time. Also it will notify you if your property has been left insecure or if it believes someone is tampering with the security.

Integrates Well With Home Security Systems

Many Smart Locks Integrate well with home security systems and give you remote access to your home from almost any location. They help the automated alarm system in your home operate more efficiently by triggering the alarm or notifying you so that you can remotely trigger the alarm.

Allows For Video Recording

Most Smart Locks allow you to record videos of who is at the door allowing you to see who is there before opening the door and exposing yourself to potential danger or a nuisance caller. Additionally it can be used as useful information to hand to the security services should the need ever arise.

Ease Of Access

Smart Locks also offer homeowners incredible ease of access to their property or office whilst keeping them safe and secure from burglars. Many of the Smart Lock models open with the touch of an icon on a smartphone or open automatically when you are in close proximity to your door. Smart Locks are incredibly simple to use and once used to them they become second nature in use.


Smart locks are the obvious step forward in home and office security. Safe, simple to use and efficient they are a no brainer in security. Should you need a quote or some advice on Smart Locks why not give www.locksmithsportsmouth.org.uk a bell. Until then, stay safe!!