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Locksmith Services – When Do You Need Them?

When do you need locksmith services?

To secure your home or workplace

Yo may have recently moved to a new property - domestic or commercial.  You may be in need of a locksmith, consider replacing the locks as somebody else may own a key to the place. In addition, we can also install extra locks and fortify your entryways.

For insurance

Nowadays, the BS3621 British Standard Lock is minimum security requirement expected by most insurance companies.  Why take the chance the chance, install BS3621 5 lever

Easier entry

There is absolutely never any need for you to have your front door demolished or to break the window of your car. Simply call in an Portsmouth and Southsea locksmith and let him do his magic. Soon, you will have access to your place.

Emergency service after break in

We hope this never happens to you but, should someone break into your property, then you can count on us for a timely repair service. If needed, we can also reinforce your doors and windows.