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Locksmith Portsmouth & Southsea Security Tips

Recently purchased a new home? Congratulations from Portsmouth & Southsea Locksmith! So you’ve completed the challenging process and are excited about moving in and starting your new life in a new place. You have an idea about your new neighbourhood and may have even met your neighbours. But, you want to be sure that you’ll be safe and secure while at home, and that your belongings will be, too, when you’re away. That’s where new home locksmith installations and rekeying comes into play.

Even neighbourhoods that seem quiet can deal with crime. That’s why setting up security early in your move-in process is ideal. Luckily, Portsmouth & Southsea Locksmith can get your home protected before, during, or after your move-in process.

So, where should you start? What do you need to protect your home? Let’s dive in.


Let’s face it, you probably have no idea what went on in your new home before you purchased it. Sometimes, previous tenants leave unhappy with a chip on their shoulder. Even in new homes, it’s possible that someone could still have access to locks.

When it comes to previously-owned homes especially, it’s always a good idea to change or re-key your locks. This includes front doors, back doors, patio doors, and garage doors. Most break-ins occur through the front door, so be sure to replace those locks when you move in.  This sort of task should be undertaken by a locksmith and my trained and professional locksmiths will be happy to oblige.

While replacing locks, you may consider upgrading your traditional deadbolt (as great as they are) to a more modern and efficient alternative. Keyless access devices provide an additional layer of security to your home. You could choose to protect your home with a digital keypad, or even a fingerprint or password, depending on your needs and budget.


An often-overlooked area of security is property gates. Many homeowners focus the majority of their attention on the front of their home: the driveway and front door. This is smart, considering that the majority of break-ins occur through the front door. However, it’s wise to consider the other, less-used points of entry for your home as well.

Gate locks are one of those points of entry for most homes. Your back garden or front fencing should have a secure lock with a key you can keep on hand and out of sight. Padlocks are the most common type of lock for gates, and can easily be installed by a professional locksmith in the process of replacing door locks.


Now that you’ve replaced your home locks, you’ll need new keys. While some homeowners choose to have different keys for various points of entry to their home (one key for front and back doors, another for the garage), this isn’t always necessary.

Our Portsmouth & Southsea Locksmith will create new keys for re-keyed locks. Be sure to receive an additional key copy that you can keep in case of emergencies, like if you’re out of town and need a friend to make a home visit, or if you forget your key and get locked out of your home.

When copying keys, be sure to keep your key out of sight. Burglars know where homeowners often stash spare keys: under welcome mats, in flower pots, etc. Place your key in a safe, hidden place, or consider installing a lockbox with a digital passcode. You can place your spare key inside and retrieve it securely.

These easy steps will help make your new home feel safe and secure, so you can focus on enjoying your new space! Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or are moving somewhere new, congratulations on your purchase! Safety always comes first at Portsmouth & Southsea Locksmith. We’re here to help with your new home move-in needs, and any lock and key-related services! Give us a call on 02392 990070 anytime. We're here to help.