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Home Security Tips For Summer!

Home Security is everyones business!! The summer months are almost upon us and its a burglar’s favourite time of year. This is because people get themselves off on holidays, leaving a lot of houses vacant . And even when you're home a lot more time is spent in the garden which has high appeal to your opportunistic burglar.

Tips on Home Security For the Summer

  1. Avoid Social Media – Do not announce any plans for holidays or day trips on social media until after you return. This information could fall into the wrong hands and ensure your home can become a target while you are away!
  2. Ask Your Neighbour for Help – When you're going away, ask a neighbour (you trust) to check in on your property, turn lights on and off, open and close blinds and put bins and recycling out while you are away. This will give burglars the impression that someone is still home.
  3. Mow The Lawn – If you tidy up your garden or mow the lawn just before going away your home is less likely to be targeted by thieves. Long grass is a potential sign hat no one is home.
  4. Leave Your Car at Home – Aim to take a taxi or use public transport to get to your destination or the airport, that way you can leave your car parked on the drive. This is a major deterrent to burglars.
  5. Put Mail on Hold – Where possible you should contact Royal Mail to have your mail placed on hold until you return form holiday, then simply pick it up when you return. A build up of mail is something burglars will look out for when picking a house to target.
  6. Don’t Leave a Spare Key Outside – No matter the time of year, whether you're at home or away on holiday never leave a spare key outside your home. Any burglar worth his salt will know exactly where to look to find your spare.
  7. Hide Your Valuables – Always keep your valuables hidden out of sight from windows and doors. Store them securely when you are away. If a burglar does gain entry to your home they will have a hard time finding anything of value.
  8. Lock Your Windows and Doors – Upon leaving your home it is important to remember to close all windows and keep them locked as much as your doors.
  9. Invest in Home Security – Make sure all your locks are up to date and conform with British Standard BS3621. Make sure they are in good working order. Upgrade any locks that you think might be unsecure, consider a home security system such as a house alarm and CCTV.

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Stay Safe!!