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Another Bogus Review – Grow A Pair Son!!

Another Bogus Review

I wouldn't usually do this but Im getting fed up with this sort of person trying to discredit hard working people like myself.  Below is a bogus 1* review that was written about me this week by someone too weak to give his real name so I thought I would do my utmost to shame him.  His review and my response is below.  Enjoy!!!

His Review

Terrible service very expensive and late



Not much for me to go on there but I felt it warranted a response.  I have also put a link to his Google+ page so we can all get a feel for this lovely young man who it appears has been terribly wronged by me:

My Response


Dear Mr Moore,

Thanks for the bogus review. Ive been through my records and have nothing to tie me to the name of Jordan Moore.  However, I defy you to provide we with an invoice, or a photo of my 'terrible service', or a date and time the work was carried out (bearing in mind my van is fitted with tracker!) or even just the tiniest, tiniest shred of evidence that I have wronged you in a locksmithing capacity and I will gladly and honourably reimburse you every single penny you spent on my allegedly 'oh so expensive' work and furthermore I will give over £1000 to the charity of your choice. Heres my mobile number if your man enough to talk on the phone - 07737 915984. This is a platform to weedle out the unsavoury so lets vent that spleen! Lets here it . Bet you wont!!!

Or you could just stop hiding behind your keyboard, grow a pair, and remove the slanderous garbage you have wrote about me. Its a criminal offence by the way. Everyone knows you are a rival locksmith its so obvious. Why not try being a good businessman and locksmith rather than descending to these levels and exposing yourself for pathetic little weirdo that you are coming across as!!

Your anticipated reply is eagerly awaited.

Kind regards,

Dougie Silver
ACQ Locksmiths Ltd

Stay Safe People!!!

Beware the bogusman!!!