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Is my UPVC Door Secure?

Is my UPVC Door Secure?

How much thought have you put into your home security recently?

The problem with security is however good we make it, there will always be those who are looking to expose weaknesses and find new ways of over coming the measures we put in place to keep us and our belongings safe.

One of the areas which has come under attack in recent times is the Euro cylinder lock, which is most commonly used with UPVC doors.

The Euro Cylinder is designed to work with multi-point locks and has a number of pins which lock into place and provides very good protection from break ins.

However several years ago the industry started to see a rise in a technique which breaks the lock and allows the perpetrator to gain access relatively easily. By simply hitting a key or similar into the cylinder a couple of times the pins lift allowing the cylinder to turn the lock.

The good news is the Ironmongery industry responded to this problem by developing the anti-snap lock.  These locks can be easily replaced for a relatively small amount of money. So if you have a UPVC door which hasn’t been installed within the last 2 years ask Locksmith Portsmouth for advice as to whether it will need replacing.