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Key Control – Portsmouth & Southsea Locksmith

Key Control - Portsmouth & Southsea Locksmith

Key Control Guidelines

Use keys that truly cannot be copied.  Keys marked DO NOT DUPLICATE are a deterrent, but not usually enough for peace of mind. Our High-security keys are highly specific. Restricted. Meaning they cannot be found anywhere commonplace (such as Timpsons, high street locksmiths etc), so employees cannot run all over town looking for a store to make a copy.  Our keys are registered and keep you safe from unwanted duplication

Require ex-employees to turn in all issued Hi-Security keys. If this does not happen, then it is time to re-key again. If they turn in their key,  you are confident security has not been breached.

Consider installing access control locks that can be coded with a keypad or a key-card system in which entries and exits are audited, codes can be changed easily when a card is lost, etc. and you can do it yourself.

Do not have a master key for all doors. Individual offices and restricted work areas should always have separate keys. Master key systems are great for convenience, not great for security.

Have someone manage the key control system for your business AND keep your spare keys in a locked cabinet.

Issue as few keys as possible.  Issue them only for areas the employee is authorized to be in. Keep up-to-date records of keys issued to which employees. Ask Locksmith Portsmouth & Southsea to engrave these for you.

Should you need any assistance on any of the above key control tips Locksmithortsmouth & Southsea would be delighted to advise or help in any way we can.  Dont delay pick u the phone today!!

Lets keep crime down together!!