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Portsmouth Locksmiths Hints and Tips

Maintenance:  Most locks these days do not need much maintenance, quite often a squirt of graphite, oil or grease will ease a sticking lock.

Dismantling locks:  The main thing not to do is take locks apart if you don’t understand them, some locks can not be put back together with out a special tool.

UPVC Multipoint locks:  Never take a multipoint lock {usually on upvc doors or composite doors} apart, they are extremely complicated and internal parts can not be bought separately, you can do more harm than good, Even locks that seem simple can be difficult if you don’t know what you are doing. People often end up with an expensive bill for what would originally be a cheap solution. Some locks are only available from specialist suppliers, if in doubt leave it alone and call for free, friendly advice, we can often talk you through it, without coming out.

Bathrooms and Toilets:  A major distress is children locked in toilets/ bathrooms, integrated handle locks often jam. The best lock is a simple small bolt high up on the door so children can not get at it.

Buy the right Lock:  When buying and fitting your own locks make sure they are suitable for the type and position on the door. Not all cheap locks are the best value, cheap locks are usually just cheap and will let you down sooner rather than later.

Save money by using a genuine local Portsmouth locksmith:  When searching for a Portsmouth Locksmith, try to go direct to a genuine local locksmiths. Large companies often appear to be near by but usually are not. Often all that happens is they contact the nearest locksmith to you (someone like myself), so I turn up on their behalf and you pay more for the privilege.

Portsmouth Locksmith is local, honest and reliable